Title Scripture Speaker Date Duration Series Additional file
Growing Faith Numbers 21:1-9 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-03-20 39:40 Heading to the Promised Land growing-faith.pdf
Rebellion Against God's Leaders Numbers 16:1-49 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-03-07 44:43 Heading to the Promised Land rebellion-against-god-s-leaders.pdf
A Lost Opportunity Numbers 14:10-45 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-02-28 46:34 Heading to the Promised Land a-lost-opportunity.pdf
Ready to Receive the Promise Numbers 13:1-14:10 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-02-22 43:04 Heading to the Promised Land ready-to-receive-the-promise.pdf
Breaking the Covenant Exodus 32:1-35 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-02-15 43:08 Heading to the Promised Land breaking-the-covenant.pdf
Prepared to be Blessed Exodus 23:33-24:18 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-02-07 43:57 Heading to the Promised Land prepared-to-be-blessed.pdf
God's Law Revealed Exodus 20:1-21 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-01-31 42:18 Heading to the Promised Land god-s-law-revealed.pdf
Prepare to Meet Your God! Exodus 19:1-25 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-01-24 50:10 Heading to the Promised Land prepare-to-meet-your-god.pdf
The Test Exodus 17:1-16 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-01-18 37:21 Heading to the Promised Land the-test.pdf
Developing Faith for the Promised Land Exodus 15:22-16:30 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-01-10 48:41 Heading to the Promised Land developing-faith-for-the-promised-land.pdf
New Adventures Exodus 14:1-31 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2022-01-03 45:37 Heading to the Promised Land new-adventures.pdf
New Beginnnings Exodus 12:1-13 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-12-27 40:27 Heading to the Promised Land new-beginnings.pdf
No Room for Jesus Luke 2:7 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-12-20 43:50 Christmas 2021 no-room-for-jesus.pdf
Responding to Christmas Luke 2:8-20 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-12-13 46:15 Christmas 2021 responding-to-christmas.pdf
Prepare The Way of the Lord 2021 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-12-06 52:23 Christmas 2021 prepare-the-way-of-the-lord-2021.pdf
The Prophet Deuteronomy 18:15-22 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-11-29 45:43 Christmas 2021 the-prophet.pdf
Thanksgiving: A time for Prayer and Witness Colossians 4:2-6 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-11-22 45:13 Living in Contentment thanksgiving2021.pdf
Living The Christ Life in the Home Colossians 3:18-4:1 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-11-15 40:35 Living in Contentment living-the-christ-life-in-the-home.pdf
Putting on the Christ Life Part II Colossians 3:15-17 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-11-08 41:10 Living in Contentment putting-on-the-christ-life-part-ii.pdf
Making the Most of Your Time Ephesians 5:15-18 Dr. Ken Terry, Pastor 2021-11-01 22:55 Living in Contentment